Modern designed optometry equipment.

The value of the frames is both affected and determined not just by the quality of the provided consultation but also by the shop interior. Skillful presentation which often includes specially designed lighting can highlight every single pair of frames and put them in the spotlight. But with our design concept we do more than just presentation. We rounded up all the crucial segments of modern optometry and diagnostic equipment and integrated it into a contemporary designed interior.
Expertise and the credibility of the optician must be apparent to the customer. Only than, can the customer understand the real value of high quality lenses. That is why we developed a special design concept to ease the presentation and handling of the VX 120, the newest diagnostic machine of our partners Weco-Visionix GmbH. In a very short time, this high tech machine allows the optician to handle out a very comprehensive eye diagnosis based on the new wavefront technology. The obtained results present a great base for a further consultation which leads towards sales.

Diagnostics concept

Our Offices

Presenta Nova Inc. New York City

116 West 23rd Street
New York City, NY 10011
t +1 888 959 1471
f +1 888 959 1471
e sales@presenta-nova.com

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Presenta Nova GmbH Germany

Industriestraße 35
68169 Mannheim
t +49 (0) 621 7245 0040
f +49 (0) 621 7245 0042
e info@presenta-nova.de

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Presenta Nova d.o.o. Croatia

Puževa 7
10020 Zagreb
t +385 1 6524 048
f +385 1 6524 049
e info@presenta-nova.hr

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