Our product design is based on minimalistic and modern lines which emphasize the frames. The modern lines of the displays are easy to incorporate in any interior.
Every detail of our product/display is approached with great attention, they are designed with maximum accent on the aesthetic principles without any construction parts like screws shown. Their functionality comes from our rich experience in the optical retail field and is developed to correspond perfectly with its aesthetics.
The modularity of our displays allows our customers and our design team to develop different product combinations that can at the end fit any particular interior. The other great advantage of the modular system is that the products can be upgraded or added at any point.

1. Design

Design of our displays is subtle and contemporary in order to fit any interior. Nevertheless, due to their modular features, all displays can be easily transformed into an eye-catcher if needed. Whether minimalistic, or lavish is your prefered design style, our displays can recreate it, without losing on the quality of frame presentation. In the end, every display was designed to present and highlight the frames in the best possible way.

Unique design characteristics:

  • Our displays and furniture have no visible screws and fixings
  • All connection parts and electrical cables are carefully hidden
  • Leveled surfaces and edges
  • Contemporary materials

2. Lighting

Presenta Nova wall displays, as well as some furniture are available with LED lighting. We provide standard white LED lighting, RGB LED lighting and the combination of both. Unique characteristic of our LED lighting is the specially designed, subtle dispersion of light which provides ideal conditions for frame presentation.

Some of the benefits of our LED lighting are:
1. Long lifetime
2. Energy efficiency
3. Eco friendly
4. Directional
5. Excellent color rendering
6. Dimmability
7. Color options


3. Modularity

Our display systems are developed to fit best the requirements of modern optical retail.

Base construction allows simple installation onto any wall or ceiling surface. It also provides maximum flexibility when rennovating or moving to a new space. Displays can be simply reinstalled in the new space, which is really time and money saving, especially for larger optical chains.
Universal display connection parts allow easy upgrades with time and within the planned budget.

Every system has standard modules and/or display elements. Predefined, standard sizes allow great creativity and numerous combinations within different retail spaces.

Various designs and decors are achieved for every system differently. Majority of our displays has magnetic features that allow simple customizations in design for a completely unique appearance.


Our Offices

Presenta Nova d.o.o. Croatia

Puževa 7
10020 Zagreb
t +385 1 6524 048
f +385 1 6524 049
e info@presenta-nova.hr

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Presenta Nova GmbH Germany

Industriestraße 35
68169 Mannheim
t +49 (0) 621 7245 0040
f +49 (0) 621 7245 0042
e info@presenta-nova.de

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Presenta Nova Inc. New York City

116 West 23rd Street
New York City, NY 10011
t +1 888 959 1471
f +1 888 959 1471
e sales@presenta-nova.com

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