Shop Realization

Shop Realization


…Their beautiful and well thought out designs outpaced the marketplace…they continue to be the best combination cosmetic appearance and functional design of anybody in the business.…They are a delight to work with, friendly and appreciative, flexible, open to new customer ideas, and eager to please regardless of how large or small the project. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them, and we consider them to be a most trusted partner. Shelley Stevens… interior designer, along with myself, met with Helen and Florian in their Tribecca, NY showroom.…This was a very detailed session, assisted by Helen’s ability to innovate and ability to create a 3d view in real time of the final product.

Peter Granoff, President & CEO, ReadingGlasses.com, USA

Rarely in an interior designer's work does one run across suppliers who will do absolutely anything to please…and at anytime of the day or night! Presenta Nova is that company. Not only do they supply the highest quality product, but they are led by the highest quality personnel. Presenta Nova has a unique and enviable place in the eye-glass showcase/display market…European precision and cutting-edge technology is used to create a near flawless product… Delivery and installation are just as promised.

Shelley S. Stevens, Interior Designer, The Orion Collection, USA

Our Offices

Presenta Nova d.o.o. Croatia

Puževa 7
10020 Zagreb
t +385 1 6524 048
f +385 1 6524 049
e info@presenta-nova.hr

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Presenta Nova GmbH Germany

Industriestraße 35
68169 Mannheim
t +49 (0) 621 7245 0040
f +49 (0) 621 7245 0042
e info@presenta-nova.de

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Presenta Nova Inc. New York City

116 West 23rd Street
New York City, NY 10011
t +1 888 959 1471
f +1 888 959 1471
e sales@presenta-nova.com

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