Shopping for frames online or in person?

Shopping for frames online or in person?

Online eyeglasses shopping is slowly but steadily increasing. What nobody talks about is that without the help of the optician, this concept wouldn’t work. Well done refraction as well as the precise centering and fitting of lenses ensure the patient’s satisfaction. Services like correct frame fitting and frame maintenance are unjustly overlooked when it comes to the optometrist - client relationship. Optometrists today are still present, even more important than ever – they need to be there, available to the clients.

What has changed with the growing popularity of online shopping is the shopping experience. Online shopping although simpler or more comfortable at first can never compare with shopping in person. People today are buying not just based on their basic needs, or desires, but because of the emotions or feelings that a certain brand can offer them. The same is true in the eyeglasses market. Today when clients enter a shop, their expectations are high, they are searching not only for frames, they are searching for an experience. This is where interior comes into play. A shop interior must first invite them in, and then it needs to seduce them.

Window displays can catch their attention, but the way you design your interior is what counts the most. Clients need to feel comfortable, but also excited about entering a new space. With the colors of your walls, floors, optical furniture and the way each works together in arrangement – you create a visual story for them. You are creating an experience.

In the end you must pay attention to the visual merchandising and the way your frames are displayed. Their color and unique design features must be visible. Special lighting, interesting frame holders for flexible presentation are just one of the things that will highlight your frames and sell them.

Imagine you are entering your shop for the first time. What feeling does it evoke? Would you come back again? If you are not satisfied with your answer, maybe it is time for a change. Make that change now and turn your shop into an experience!


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