Modern Visual Acuity Test (Refraction) at the optician

Modern Visual Acuity Test (Refraction) at the optician

The optician is an expert for good vision and visual performance. He is qualified to measure and resolve any deficiencies or vision problems with a pair of glasses or contact lenses.

Today's modern eye diagnosis with highly sophisticated technical diagnostic equipment is also available to opticians. It is possible to learn a variety of information with only one short eye test.

From these results about the visual performance you can select the optimal glasses, if it’s for daily use, driving at night or other requirements. Solid statements determine in a short period of time if the patient can wear contact lenses or which systems are to favor.

Even accurate information about eye pressure and about the clarity of optical media (eye lens and aqueous humor) are provided by today's modern eye diagnostic devices in seconds. The obtained data and images of the eye are displayed on a large screen and discussed with the patient.

With the collected data about the visual performance and health of the eyes, an optimal lens consultation can be initiated.

A very specific consultation for the patient is possible due to the variety and diversity of spectacle lens products. The result are glasses that are specifically tailored to the needs of the patient.

If for safe nighttime driving, or assistance in several hours of computer work, the optician as an expert can offer an optimal solution by demonstrating to the patient different visual impressions within the framework of refraction and show the differences of the individual visual qualities.

The glasses made in the lab have the required technical quality of an upscale product that stands for master-quality.


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